Your dream or not

Cute fox, who can clean your mind

You know!

Everyone has a problem, right? Such a burden mess life 😀

Like who reading this blog (hahaha)🤣

Because as you can see this blog title is”stupid thing” Right?

Ok, we back again to the problem

If dreaming of you can make life like a person who have a good lifestyle, you can have this fox 🤣

Because with her fluffiest tail and ear, you can get some relaxing mind.

And after your working end, and you go to home from your office work, you can get her smile and the welcome greetings from her

And after that, you can get a meal from her, who make that meal for you with her kindness.


And if you want to have her, you can have it with your imagination or sleeping like a dog on your bed 🤣

Just kidding 🤣🤣

You can get it from your wife right?

Published by ShiroNeko21

I'm going to be focus at this place and going to write some useless again

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