Stressful always make fun of you

Hello my friend

In this day, lot of people always stressed after that people returned from their work 🤔(that’s not true), and now I’ll tell you how to get rid of that stress 😂.

Okay, I’ll tell you right now how to get rid of that stress, and how to improve that stress state. First, you need to find what’s your favourite things and what do you want to do with that (like my favourite things is playing game) 🤣. And you’ll upgrade your stressful, If you not having fun in doing that things 🤔 (like if you don’t like to lose in some games, you’ll become angry and want to destroy that game)🤣🤣, okay that’s only my opinion.😔

Decided Your dreams

You need to be patient to achieve your calm

You know, lot of people want to achieve their dreams, because in this world we need some goal for decided our lives ways, because of that we will need some dreams😆Like in an elementary school, you’re questioned by your teachers, your teachers say” What’s your dreams if you become adults?” And you answer “I wanna become like you” Or “I wanna become this world conqueror” 🤣🤣 like thatAnd your dreams need to be higher as you want, like “I wanna become leaders in this province” That’s too little, you need to change it like this “I want to be leaders in this world”, because the biggest your dreams will greatly increase your dreams potential ☺

Who knows in the afterlife


I am back from my fantasy world 🤣, because in this reality how will be cruel my life.

You know, what’s going on in the afterlife. Because in this world you can know why your life is cruel or why your life is full of happiness ☺, because that’s decided with your mind. Because if your mind and logic want to walk in way of happiness life you can get that. Because your life decided from yourself 🤣🤣

Okay. If you think in this world you can life forever or something like immortal life, you’re wrong. In this world your life will go to end if you death 😁. And who knows what will happen after your life end.

And if you read some manga 🤣 or some book, or from your mind. Like in the manga, your death will bring you to another world or like “isekai” 🤣😂. But that’s is in the manga. And some book, after your life end, you will be reincarnated to some things like a cat or anything like a neko girl🤣🤣.

Or in the afterlife you will be going to heaven if you are good person and going to hell if you become bad person😫.

But who knows in the afterlife what will happen. “God only one knows“. Yes, god only one knows what will happen in the afterlife🤲

And because of that you need save your life for what will happen in the after life😀👋

Your mistakes is your savior

You know, because in this life, no way is someone can succeed immediately in the problem they’re gonna faced☺, because this is way to life 🤣🤣(kidding)

Because in this life, if you not faced some mistakes that’s make you like not a human being 😙, because if you thinking this, someone can succeed immediately because they’re planing some plan to get that plan succeed 😂.

Because with your mistakes you can make some better plan with higher success than before😄, if you not make a same mistakes 🤣🤣🤣, yes that’s is make your mistakes is your savior if you not make same mistakes ☺

And you can’t succeed in the problem you faced because you make same ways and mistakes with before way 😃😅😌

“Every day and every time with same way and without another way” That’s your motto 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Knowledge is your life



If you thing knowledge is not important you’re wrong, because if you playing some game and you don’t know of that game main goal and you don’t know what’s that game and you say “What’s this game, like a trash game!” And you throwing your controller like idiot and after that you can’t finish that game, because your game controller is broken😗😙😚🤣

Same as if you want started a business, because of you don’t have knowledge of business management,your business is bankrupt, and your life is broken like that controller 😀😃🤣

Because of that knowledge is important for your life and for your pocket money 😄

Your life is meaningless

Yes that’s right, your life is meaning less if you not use your time to get something interesting, right? 😁

Not only something interesting, you can use your time to do your jobs, right? Because you do your jobs is not meaningless, and if you do your job you can get some experience and some money from your jobs, right? 🤣

And if you do stupid things that’s meaningless, 🤣 because you not upload that stupid things to internet or Social media 🤣😂, because if you do that you can make other people who watched that thing and laughed at you because your stupidity 😅

Let’s Relaxing your mind

“Become mine”

In this world, you can meet someone who can make your mind relax, someone like your mother or father, right?

And if you want another way to relaxing your mind, you can take some break, or do what do you want like doing your favorite hobby, like watching some drama or eating what you want to eat.

And if you take break too long, you can get new lifestyle, like someone who don’t want do anything 😆, and if you eating too much you will get tired and you want to sleep because that tired things, and you will lazy 😇


Your dream or not

Cute fox, who can clean your mind

You know!

Everyone has a problem, right? Such a burden mess life 😀

Like who reading this blog (hahaha)🤣

Because as you can see this blog title is”stupid thing” Right?

Ok, we back again to the problem

If dreaming of you can make life like a person who have a good lifestyle, you can have this fox 🤣

Because with her fluffiest tail and ear, you can get some relaxing mind.

And after your working end, and you go to home from your office work, you can get her smile and the welcome greetings from her

And after that, you can get a meal from her, who make that meal for you with her kindness.


And if you want to have her, you can have it with your imagination or sleeping like a dog on your bed 🤣

Just kidding 🤣🤣

You can get it from your wife right?

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