Your mistakes is your savior

You know, because in this life, no way is someone can succeed immediately in the problem they’re gonna faced☺, because this is way to life 🤣🤣(kidding) Because in this life, if you not faced some mistakes that’s make you like not a human being 😙, because if you thinking this, someone can succeed immediately becauseContinue reading “Your mistakes is your savior”

Knowledge is your life

If. If you thing knowledge is not important you’re wrong, because if you playing some game and you don’t know of that game main goal and you don’t know what’s that game and you say “What’s this game, like a trash game!” And you throwing your controller like idiot and after that you can’t finishContinue reading “Knowledge is your life”

Let’s Relaxing your mind

In this world, you can meet someone who can make your mind relax, someone like your mother or father, right? And if you want another way to relaxing your mind, you can take some break, or do what do you want like doing your favorite hobby, like watching some drama or eating what you wantContinue reading “Let’s Relaxing your mind”

How to got some inspiration

If you want imagine something fantastic, you can do it with some inspiration, like reading some book or something that’s is fun🤣 And you can get some inspiration from others people, like you friends or your partner Or you can get inspiration if you do this: First go to your toilet Second you sit andContinue reading “How to got some inspiration”

Anything is possible

If you think you can’t do impossible think, you’re wrong! Because if you not give up, and continue to do it until you achieved it If you have achieved what you want, you’re a hard worker 🙂 And if you not have achieved it, that is not your talent 🤣 And you can’t achieve itContinue reading “Anything is possible”

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