Who knows in the afterlife


I am back from my fantasy world 🤣, because in this reality how will be cruel my life.

You know, what’s going on in the afterlife. Because in this world you can know why your life is cruel or why your life is full of happiness ☺, because that’s decided with your mind. Because if your mind and logic want to walk in way of happiness life you can get that. Because your life decided from yourself 🤣🤣

Okay. If you think in this world you can life forever or something like immortal life, you’re wrong. In this world your life will go to end if you death 😁. And who knows what will happen after your life end.

And if you read some manga 🤣 or some book, or from your mind. Like in the manga, your death will bring you to another world or like “isekai” 🤣😂. But that’s is in the manga. And some book, after your life end, you will be reincarnated to some things like a cat or anything like a neko girl🤣🤣.

Or in the afterlife you will be going to heaven if you are good person and going to hell if you become bad person😫.

But who knows in the afterlife what will happen. “God only one knows“. Yes, god only one knows what will happen in the afterlife🤲

And because of that you need save your life for what will happen in the after life😀👋

Published by ShiroNeko21

I'm going to be focus at this place and going to write some useless again

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